Dr. Guiseppe Getto, Ph.D.


What I Like To Do for Exercise

I have been dedicated to personal fitness since I was 13 years old. I was an overweight kid, and I made the decision then not to be overweight as an adult. To stay in shape, I like to do a combination of resistance training, yoga, cardio, and martial arts. I typically do circuit training with little to no rest between sets to burn the maximum amount of calories and to build lean muscle.

Genetically, I am prone to diabetes and obesity, meaning that I have to work very hard in the gym and really watch what I eat to maintain a healthy weight. Despite my best efforts over the past 20+ years, in April of 2019 I reached my highest adult weight ever of 262 pounds. It was a huge wake-up call and since then I have worked hard to change my eating habits and have now lost (and kept off) 30+ pounds to date as a result.

A before and after photo of me

Current Workout

A photo of Jillian Michaels with the caption: "I want you to feel like you're going to die."

(you will)

Some Fitness Sites and Organizations I Like

Jillian Michaels
NIH Body Weight Planner