Dr. Guiseppe Getto, Ph.D.


Hi, I’m Guiseppe, and I’m a Gamer

The question I get a lot of the time, from non-gamers, is: why? Or sometimes: isn’t that really bad for you?! Actually, there’s significant research, mostly stemming from folks like James Paul Gee, that video games actually improve your critical thinking skills, your creativity, and your ability to solve problems inĀ non-gaming worlds.

For me, gaming serves a lot of functions: stress-relief, being immersed in a story, inspiring me to do better in real life, etc. My favorite video game experience (by FAR) is a franchise calledĀ Mass Effect. Like all great video games, Mass Effect is a world unto itself, a world I spend part of my time in, but which I return from a better person. It has its own rules, its own citizens (who just happen to be artificially intelligent beings), and its own sense of morality. Is gaming escapism? Of course, but so is getting lost in a good book, hearing a song that reminds you of something important about yourself, and witnessing the beauty of a natural setting that makes you feel whole again.

What I’m Playing Right Now

The Lone Wanderer from Fallout 4 and his dog

Some Cool Gaming Sites I Like

The Mass Effect Wiki
The Dragon Age Wiki
The Fallout Wiki