Dr. Guiseppe Getto, Ph.D.


Stuff I Like

I believe literary work comes in many shapes and sizes. From comic books to poetry to novels to TV shows to video games to folk and electronic music, I believe literary qualities transcend any one medium or genre.

Some of the literary devices I look for are cleverness, humor, unique forms of storytelling, irony, fantasy, sci fi, futurism, mythology, cultural critique, social justice, poetic attention to detail, deeply contradictory characters, psychological verisimilitude, and community-building. In a broader way, though: I seek media that equip me for living a better life, to butcher a quote by this guy. My favorite stories are thus ones that inspire me to be a better person, and include the following.

What I’m Reading Right Now

The cover of RA Salvatore's Exile

Movies and TV 

American Horror Story
Blade Runner
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
District 9
Firefly/Serenity (really anything by Joss Whedon)
Ghost in the Shell
The Host
Iron Monkey
Princess Mononoke
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


C.L. Rawlins
James Galvin
Kobayashi Issa
Matsuo Bashō
Philip Levine
Richard Hugo
Roberto Juarroz
Shinkichi Takahashi

Video Games

Altered Beast
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Streetfighter II


The Be Good Tanyas
Dar Williams
The Eagles
Fleetwood Mac
John Prine
Lucinda Williams


Octavia Butler
Philip K. Dick
Stephen King
William Gibson