My poem “Repartee,” a poem about the ritual of fixing things with my father, is currently available in issue 28 of Anti-Heroin ChicAnti-Heroin Chic describes itself as a “collective journal of poetry, photography, artwork, stories, essays, interviews and more.” Its mission is to publish people who have been left out in the cold in all sorts of ways.

What Inspired This Poem About My Father

Many men are familiar with the rite of passage whereas your father tries to teach you how to fix things. The ability to fix things is linked to a specific type of masculinity, especially the type of masculinity common to white, rural culture. Mechanical knowledge is supposed to be something you simply are born with, not something you have to learn or practice. As you can imagine, this rite of passage often ends up teaching you more about the failings of your father than about repair.

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