Dr. Guiseppe Getto, Ph.D.

UX Consulting

I’m a VP of Sales, Marketing, and UX for YetOpen, LLC. I help businesses with ecommerce, IT, and development. My clients are people who want to take their business online to reach new markets or who need support software to run their business more effectively. For 10 years I’ve worked with businesses ranging from large corporations to startup businesses to help them build and maintain an effective IT infrastructure and digital strategy.

➨I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn and am always just a phone call away if there’s anything I can help with. Call 919-817-8106 or email guiseppe.getto@yetopen.com.
➨Contact me through this link to get a free 30-minute consultation on how you can enhance your key business processes with technology: http://yetopen.com/contact.

My Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Development: I can help you build technologies that enhance your key business processes, including websites, software, and mobile applications.
  • IT Services: Your business won’t run without tools. I can ensure the technologies you depend on are secure, effective, and on-demand.
  • Strategy: I can help make your next big idea a reality. Competitive businesses are always changing. I can grow with you.
  • User Experience: I can ensure your users, both internal and external, are captivated, excited, and hungry for more. My motto is design, test, refine.
  • Technical Communication: I can help you document all your technologies and processes in easy-to-understand language and can also help manage all your existing documentation.
  • Training: I can teach you everything from how to use essential technologies to how do project management. I’m here to support your lifelong learning.

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