Hello, I’m Dr. Guiseppe Getto

A Professor, Ux researcher, and content strategist

Me in a Nutshell

I’m an Associate Professor of Technical Communication and Director of the M.S. in Technical Communication Management at Mercer University. I’m also a researcher, teacher, and consultant who uses UX and content strategy to help people improve their communities and organizations.

Research Agenda

My research focuses on utilizing user experience (UX) design, content strategy, and other participatory research methods to help people improve their communities and organizations.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that in a democratic society all citizens deserve equal access to the most effective means of communication.

Consulting Expertise

My clients are people who want to develop better content, better SEO, better user experiences, better writing, better designs, and better reach for their target customers, clients, and donors.

Research Publications

I’ve published research on UX, content strategy, technical communication, community engagement, and many other related topics.

Published Poet

I’m a published poet. Visit my poetry website to learn more about my creative work.

CV and Resume

Learn more about my academic and practitioner work experience.

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