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Whitepaper: How To Launch Your UX Career and Get Paid

The cover of my whitepaper: How to launch your ux career and get paidCheck out my whitepaper for UXPin’s Free Design Library: How To Launch Your UX Career and Get Paid.

What You’ll Learn

  • The 3 most effective ways to turn passion into a paying UX career.
  • How to navigate all the risks of building a UX career.
  • If UX is the right long-term career choice for you.

Why I Wrote It

I’m a huge advocate of UXPin in general, but their completely free knowledge base is also a huge selling point for me.

Also: we need more books on how to launch UX careers. You can learn in school how to launch a career in accounting, medicine, or zoology, but not in UX. There are hundreds of excellent books, articles, and whitepapers on doing UX, but there are hardly any sources on launching a career in UX.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons we are currently experiencing what Fred Beecher has called a “UX Designer Drought.” There are tons of jobs in UX right now, but not enough qualified candidates to fill these jobs.

Why? One of the reasons may be that people don’t find out about UX until too late in their careers. I meet talented students, entrepreneurs, and fellow educators all the time who are just now getting on the UX bandwagon. Personally, I didn’t join that bandwagon in a major way until after I received my Ph.D.

We need more in-depth accounts by UX designers that explain exactly how to go about joining this field. I hope this will serve as one of them.

Download it here for free: http://www.uxpin.com/getting-started-ux-getting-paid.html

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