A flyer for the TryMyUI EDU program, published as part of "A Free UX Curriculum and Remote Usability Tool: The TryMyUI EDU Program"

TryMyUI EDU is a free UX curriculum and remote usability tool for college professors and students. It enables college professors to develop assignments and courses around an industry-standard UX tool, as well as UX best practices.

TryMyUI EDU Can Help You Train Future UX Designers

User experience design (or UX) is a cross-disciplinary field emerging at the forefront of the web, mobile, and enterprise applications that fuel our current economy. It is a field devoted to developing usable, engaging, accessible applications that respond to real world needs. It is also a field that is currently experiencing explosive growth within industries as wide-ranging as healthcare, engineering, web development, business, and IT.

In response to these trends, college professors across the country from many different disciplines are starting to teach UX. If you’re one of them, you know that selecting what tools to use when teaching UX can be overwhelming. There are a variety of different usability tools, prototyping tools, and other applications available. Some of these applications are available to teachers and students for free, or at a reduced cost.

There are also free UX curricula that you can use as a ready-made supplement to an existing course, or as part of a new course. Some of these curricula are well-written, comprehensive explanations of how to introduce, and practice, UX in the classroom. Some are not.

The best criteria for selecting a tool and curriculum for your UX education needs, however, is follow-through. Does the partner providing the solution help you implement it within your classroom? Do they provide technical support? Do they provide teaching support to help you brainstorm how you will implement the solution?

Learn More About TryMyUI EDU and Try It Out

TryMyUI is a remote user testing platform and an industry partner of East Carolina University. As part of their EDU Program, TryMyUI is offering it’s highest suite of usability testing software and UX tools to students, faculty, and staff. Students can open free EDU accounts to access unlimited usability testing on desktop and mobile, upcoming case competitions, internships in UX and web design, and year-round opportunities in the industry. In addition, faculty and staff receive curriculum support to advance their work in UX and integrate these industry resources into classroom teaching. For more information, visit http://trymyui.com/edu or contact edu@trymyui.com.