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My newest article, “Toward a Model of UX Education: Training UX Designers Within the Academy,” is currently available in IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication. In the article, Fred Beecher and I explain our approach to teaching UX within higher education.

Why Do We Need UX Education?

As we explain in the article, UX design is a very in-demand skill right now. Employers across the professional spectrum are looking for talented practitioners who can help craft the next generation of experiences for websites, mobile apps, and enterprise applications. At the same time, very few programs in UX exist within higher education. There is a significant opportunity for researchers and teachers within higher ed to help prepare students for this burgeoning field.

What Does Our Approach Look Like?

In the article, we break down UX education into four elements:

  • The UX Process: competencies central to UX designers
  • UX Pedagogy: components of an approach to teaching UX
  • Apprenticeship: the importance of an experiential, realistic approach to UX education
  • Curriculum Planning: approaches to the building of actual courses and programs in UX

For each of these elements, we provide detailed steps for higher ed professionals of all stripes, from seasoned UX professionals to folks completely new to UX who want to offer their first assignment or course.

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