The cover of the book Content Strategy in Technical CommunicationPeople from many different walks of life are increasingly hungry for technical content, whether that content contains patient information, complex learning outcomes, or directions for repairing a broken device. As technical content grows in importance, from marketing to follow-up after a purchase, technical communicators will need to rethink their strategies for developing and deploying useful, usable content to a wide variety of audiences.

Content Strategy in Technical Communication, a collection published with Routledge under the auspices of the ATTW Book Series in Technical and Professional Communication, seeks to provide a window into just such strategies.

What Does Content Strategy in Technical Communication Contain?

Content Strategy in Technical Communication provides a balanced, comprehensive overview of the current state of content strategy within the field of technical communication while showcasing groundbreaking work in the field.

Emerging technologies such as content management systems, social media platforms, open source information architectures, and application programming interfaces provide new opportunities for the creation, publication, and delivery of content. Technical communicators are now sometimes responsible for such diverse roles as content management, content auditing, and search engine optimization. At the same time, we are seeing remarkable growth in jobs devoted to these other content-centric skills. This book provides a roadmap including best practices, pedagogies for teaching, and implications for research in these areas. It covers elements of content strategy as diverse as “Editing Content for Global Reuse” and “Teaching Content Strategy to Graduate Students with Real Clients,” while giving equal weight to professional best practices and to pedagogy for content strategy.

This book is an essential resource for professionals, students, and scholars throughout the field of technical communication.

Where Can I Get Content Strategy in Technical Communication?

The book is available for purchase via Amazon.

Instructors can also request a free desk copy directly from Routledge.

Invite Me or Any of the Other Editors to Do a Talk in Your Classroom

If you are interested in having me, Jack, or Sheryl Zoom into your classroom to discuss content strategy best practices and what lies ahead for our field, please feel free to contact me and we can tailor a presentation directly for your students.

Many Thanks to the Authors Who Contributed to This Exciting Collection

This collection would of course not be possible without the dedication and contributions of the authors who wrote and revised its many chapters.

Many thanks to: Marjorie Rush Hovde, Tharon Howard, Michael Albers, Suzan Flanagan, Ann Hill Duin, Dawn Armfield, Isabel Pedersen, Jessie Borgman, Lindsay Steiner, Michelle Pulaski Behling, and Steve Bookman!

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Getto, G., Labriola, J., & Ruszkiewicz, S., Eds. (2019). Content strategy in technical communication. Routledge.