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My newest article, The State of Mobile UX: Best Practices From Industry and Academia, with Jack Labriola and Suzan Flanagan, iscurrently availableinthe proceedings of the 2020 ProcComm Conference.In the article, my co-authors and I review literature from both industry and academia and present several best practices for mobile UX design.

Why Do We Need Best Practices in Mobile UX Design?

As we explain in the article, there is much work to be done to solidify best practices for this emerging conversation. However, several practices have congealed around the broad categories of procedures for designing mobile applications and procedures for ensuring a high-quality user experience within mobile applications. Ultimately, we define a variety of best practices, from methods of assessing user goals and values to designing for routine versus interrupted usage, while pointing to limitations and the need for a wide variety of future mobile user experience research.

What Are Some Mobile UX Best Practices?

We identified several broad categories of best practices, including:

  • Procedures of the Mobile UX Design Process
    • User goals and values
    • Usability
    • Design affordances specific to mobile
  • Procedures for ensuring a high-quality mobile user experience
    • Onboarding
    • Sustaining user engagement
    • Differences in user inputs
    • Routine versus interrupted usage

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