The book cover of Content Strategy: A How-to Guide

This comprehensive text provides a how-to guide for content strategy, enabling students and professionals to understand and master the skills needed to develop and manage technical content in a range of professional contexts.

The landscape of technical communication has been revolutionized by emerging technologies such as content management systems, open-source information architecture, and application programming interfaces that change the ways professionals create, edit, manage, and deliver content. This textbook helps students and professionals develop relevant skills for this changing marketplace. It takes readers through essential skills including audience analysis; content auditing; assembling content strategy plans; collaborating with other content developers; identifying appropriate channels of communication; and designing, delivering, and maintaining genres appropriate to those channels. It contains knowledge and best practices gleaned from decades of research and practice in content strategy and provides its audience with a thorough introductory text in this essential area.

Published with Routledge under the auspices of the ATTW Book Series in Technical and Professional Communication, Content Strategy works as a core or supplemental textbook for undergraduate and graduate classes, as well as certification courses, in content strategy, content management, and technical communication. It also provides an accessible introduction for professionals looking to develop their skills and knowledge.

What Does Content Strategy: A How-to Guide Contain?

Introduction: What Is Content Strategy

Chapter 1: Key Concepts in Content Strategy

Chapter 2: The Content Strategy Process

Chapter 3: Audience Analysis

Chapter 4: Identifying Content Types and Channels

Chapter 5: Content Auditing

Chapter 6: Content Modeling

Chapter 7: Assembling a Content Strategy Plan

Chapter 8: Collaborating With Other Content Developers

Chapter 9: Revising and Editing Genres

Chapter 10: Ensuring Content Usability and Accessibility

Chapter 11: Delivering, Governing, and Maintaining Genres

Chapter 12: Localizing Content

Chapter 13: Content Tools and Technologies

Chapter 14: Establishing Yourself as a Content Strategist

Where Can I Get Content Strategy: A How-to Guide?

The book is available for purchase from the Routledge website.

Instructors can also request a free desk copy.

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If you are interested in having me, Jack, or Sheryl Zoom into your classroom to discuss content strategy best practices and what lies ahead for our field, please feel free to contact me and we can tailor a presentation directly for your students. Or if you’re interested in adopting the book for a course, please feel free to reach out as well!

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Getto, G., Labriola, J., & Ruszkiewicz, S. (2023). Content strategy: A how-to guide. Routledge.